This wonderful city has many places where you can stay while you are visiting Cairns. You will find there are hotels, hostels, apartments and houses for rent which can fit the budgets of its many visitors. The variety of shopping that you will find in this city will allow you to choose from international goods as well as unique Australian crafts products to be given as souvenirs. The different restaurants and fast food outlets will provide you with a good choice of food from a number of different countries as well as having the chance of tasting some delicious Aussie delights.

While you will have the chance of seeing some fabulous sights in Cairns itself you will find this city is an excellent place to come if you are looking forward to some great outdoors activities. Here you will have the chance of seeing Cairns from the sky as you go on a hot air balloon ride. The adventurous will find they can ride the white waters as they travel down river.

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