Gold Coast and Brisbane

Gold Coast and Brisbane are always up for the challenge of creating gardens and outdoor designs that will thrive well in the unique climate these locations have. Plants, greeneries and other outdoor features are only successful if they take into consideration the major factors in these Queensland areas, one of which is climate.

The different regions of the state of Queensland have substantial variations in climate, but the Gold Coast and the state capital, Brisbane, both have a humid subtropical climate. Gold Coast and Brisbane are located in the southeast portion of the state and experience hot and humid summers and dry and mild winters.

People often associate Hot Air Ballooning with exotic destinations and adventure holidays, but seeing your own city from the air offers a unique perspective on daily life, and adds another layer to your knowledge of home.

Hot Air Balloons floating across the city skyline are a regular occurrence in Brisbane, Australia, and whilst locals and visitors alike relish the early morning sight, many have never ventured into the air themselves. For those who do, however, ballooning over Brisbane offers an amazing insight into a thriving river city.

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